The stain glass man marvels at his colors, but he doesn’t know he’s made of broken pieces.

~ Justin Alcala

The wild winds blew last night. The snow drifts drifted.

I went out grocery shopping and was grateful for my Subaru and snow tires.

Curiosity got me out of the house. Necessity the secondary motivator: there were a few ingredients missing from my spread for the guests coming tomorrow.

I saw trees bending, white blowing a snow-sheet across the sky inhibiting all other visible cues. I laughed at the wildness of it all and realized how silly it was to be out erranding. There were a few other silly people.

When I returned home, I phoned friends to discuss our menu for Christmas brunch. It is a good thing we have cell phones. A short way away, they sit in the glow of candlelight with electricity down.

I heated an organic cocoa powder drink with ½ unsweetened oat and ½ oat nog, cinnamon on top, and thought about the fragility of things. The birds from the feeder have fled to find shelter. The rabbits and the fox no longer care about who is predator and who is prey. They both take refuge in thickets out of the wind. And I sip my cocoa/nog drink. Warm, safe, out of harm.

We forget about how fragile it all is. How all can change in a moment. We unknowingly seek out worries and complicate the uncomplicated.

Sitting in front of my Christmas tree, I notice a soft rainbow reflection of light off a crystal ornament. How I take such care of these beautiful, fragile glass adornments. How I treat them so gently and reverently when I find them a home amongst the balsam branches.

I am noticing vulnerability: of our bodies, our health, our trees, our earth, our relationships, our beautiful wine glasses and ornate decorations.

In understanding fragility, can we take better care? Can we walk with reverence this holiday for ourselves and all things that are precious, treating them with the love and gratitude that they deserve? In knowing our own vulnerability, can we find the deepest connection?

Wishing you all light and peace this holiday season.
~ Gail Sauer ND FABNO and the Silver Spruce Team

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