What Is Osteopathy?

“He seeks the cause, removes the obstruction and lets nature’s remedy (arterial blood) be the doctor” ~ Dr Andrew Taylor Still, founder of osteopathy

Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that uses gentle manipulation to restore proper body mechanics, nerve impulses and circulation. Osteopathic practitioners aim not just to treat a problem area, but to strengthen and balance all systems of the body. This approach is based on the belief that:

  • The body is a dynamic unit of function.
  • The body has its own set of self-regulating and self-protecting mechanisms.
  • Body structure and function work together and are interrelated.


Who Does Osteopathy Help?

Osteopathy can be used to treat adults and children with a variety of conditions, using a whole-body approach. These include:

  • acute or chronic pain
  • headaches
  • digestive problems
  • muscle spasms
  • respiratory difficulties
  • postural problems
  • nerve problems


What Does Osteopathic Treatment Involve?

Osteopathic treatment begins with a review of the patient’s history and symptoms, and a hands-on assessment of the muscles and joints. During treatment, the Osteopathic Manual Practitioner applies light, intentional contact, including stretching, gentle pressure and resistance. Patients remain clothed during a treatment and should wear loose, comfortable clothing.



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