Registered Massage Therapy in Markham

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is the hands-on manipulation of  muscles and other soft tissues of the body. Massage has a therapeutic effect on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Treatments can reduce pain, reduce stress, and improve both physical function and overall well-being.


Who Does Massage Therapy Help?

Massage therapy is appropriate for virtually all patients. In particular, it can help patients with:

  • chronic stress
  • muscoskeletal pain
  • athletic or other Injuries
  • pregnancy related discomfort
  • surgical recovery and lymphatic drainage.


What Does Massage Therapy Involve?

Massage therapy involves various specialized movements of the hands, directly on the skin or over clothes. Depending on your needs and preferences, massage may involve gentle touch or deep tissue penetration of muscles, and may involve the whole body or a single area. The Massage Therapist will work with your comfort level during the treatment, and adjust or stop the treatment at any time should you request this.


How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

If you’re ready to schedule a massage, simply call us at 905-554-5599 or book online now.