Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy in Markham

What is Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)?

“Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally, to things as they are”. ~Williams, Teasdale, Segal and Kabat Zinn~

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is a proven method of therapy that combines meditation and other mindfulness practices with elements of cognitive behavioural therapy. MBCT aims to empower patients to recognize and relate differently to patterns of thinking and behaviour.


Who Does MBCT Help?

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy can benefit anyone looking to gain balance and perspective in their lives; it is traditionally used to help individuals suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. Research has shown MBCT to be as effective as anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications in the short term, and more effective than these medications in the long-term management of stress, anxiety and depression.


What Does MBCT Involve?

MBCT is most effective when experienced through an 8-week intensive course, such as we offer at Silver Spruce. Led by Gail Sauer ND, the course is an experience-based group program that guides participants through mindfulness practices; teaches strategies for staying in the moment; and provides powerful therapeutic tools and insights involving the experience of anxiety, depression and stress. For the dedicated individual, this course can be the beginning of a life-long and life-changing mindfulness practice.


How Do I Register?

This program runs twice a year and is open to all of our patients as well as those new to the clinic. Participants who are not current patients begin with a one hour screening visit to ensure the program is appropriate for them. If you would like to stay informed about our next session dates, please sign up for our newsletter or email us at contact@silverspruce.ca.